April 14

Hello K/1 families,

The big excitement of this week has been watching our caterpillar friends Fluffy, Mailey and Buzzbee grow. Students have been watching the changes and the growth in our three caterpillar friends all week. Today they were transferred down to the library to the butterfly cage to form their cocoons and start the transformation to become butterflies.

In the homework bags, students have permission forms to walk to Victoria Park for some learning activities to be signed and returned early next week. You’ll notice that there is no fixed date on the forms. That is because we hope to go several times in May and June for different seasonal activities. Because it is an outdoor event, we will make the decision on when we are going based on the forecast a few days in advance. I will post on the blog so that parents know at least a day or two before we go. Parent volunteers are also welcome to join us. In order to volunteer in any capacity with students in the PSB, parents do need to have a Criminal Record Check passed in to the main office. Criminal Record Checks are good for two years and the school will keep it on file for that time. If you think you may like to join us for one of our trips to Victoria Park (or any other volunteer opportunity that may arise), please let me know and I will send you a letter that you can take to have your Criminal Record Check done. The checks usually take a week.

Kindergarten students are exploring many different ways to represent numbers including numerals, spelling, fingers, number lines, dice, five and tens frames and tally marks. We will continue to build on this concept in the coming weeks. Here is a fun video to help develop those skills. Grade 1 students are learning to spell numbers and have created their own number line as a tool to help that spelling. They now have all the ability to spell any number from 0 to 999!

Grade 1s are continuing to read and write persuasively. They are making their reasons stronger in writing their reviews and evaluating their opinions when reading. They are also starting to decode more digraphs and silent letters. Kindergartens are doing more independent reading and writing small books. They have also started three weekly sight words that they practice several times each day. Last week they learned the, a and I. This week they learned that, is and and. Challenge them to find these words at home in order to strengthen this new skill.

The school has received some applications for the PEI Council of Disabilities Summer Tutoring program.  The program is available to children with disabilities and has a $150 cost for the summer.  An application with fee must be sent to the program no later than Thursday, May 19th.  Please contact Tracey Evison (tlevison@edu.pe.ca) if you are interested in applying for this program.  An application form will be sent home with your child.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, April 18, Easter Monday – NO CLASSES

Tuesday, April 19, Day 5 – Music & Be Safe Program

Wednesday, April 20, Day 6 – Library & Phys. Ed.

Thursday, April 21, Day 1 – Music & Be Safe Program

Friday, April 22, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Earth Day

Hoppy Easter Weekend,

Lisa 🙂

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