April 22

Hi again Team 1Z,

Some Earth Day writing 🌎

This week was a great week of learning and focusing on Earth Day activities. We got to spend some extra time outside in nature, and we learned about ways we can help keep the Earth healthy for us all. We wrote an acrostic poem together, and we wrote letters to Mother Earth as well.

Playing with the big parachute outside.

Our three caterpillar friends have grown quite a bit and have entered the chrysalis stage. Mailey and Fluffy have been pinned to the butterfly cage with their friends from other classes, and Buzzbee is continuing to grow in their little cup. Hopefully we’ll have butterflies soon!

Thank you to all Grade 1s for taking back their homework books today. Please feel free to share any feedback as to how easy/difficult your child found their homework books. The level they take home will be based on what reading skills they are currently practicing during guided reading sessions in class so that they can be independent in their reading at home. Kindergarten students continue to take home books as they are ready to share their new skills with their families. This is a different system than Gr. 1 in order to build confidence and a love of reading and to respect their developmental progression. This week the Kindergarten sight words are: you, all and in. They now have 9 sight words that they should be able to recognize. At home, parents and family members can help students learn by pointing out their sight words in the environment (signs while driving, while reading a book together, the back of the ceral box, etc) and challenging students to find the sight words.

In Math, the Grade 1s continue to represent numbers in many different ways, they are practicing their skip counting (by 2s, 5s, and 10s forward and backward) and practicing addition and subtraction with sums up to 18. Kindergarten students are becoming more and more independent when practicing different ways to break numbers into different parts and in different ways. The more comfortable they become in manipulating numbers, the stronger their future math skills will become.

Thank you to everyone who signed and sent back the Victoria Park permission forms. If you can’t find your copy, just let me know and I’ll send a new one home.

A note from the office: This is a reminder – Please ensure that your child has UTENSILS and a WATER BOTTLE. We have a lot of students looking for these items. The school has run out of supplies and NO LONGER WILL SUPPLY THEM.

The school has received some applications for the PEI Council of Disabilities Summer Tutoring program.  The program is available to children with disabilities and has a $150 cost for the summer.  An application with fee must be sent to the program no later than Thursday, May 19th.  Please contact Tracey Evison (email) if you are interested in applying for this program.  An application form will be sent home with your child.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, April 25, Day 3 – Music

Tuesday, April 26, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, April 27, Day 5 – Music & Wear Red for Easter Seals

Thursday, April 28, Day 6 – Library & Phys. Ed.

Friday, April 29, Day 1 – Music

Enjoy the weekend,

Lisa πŸ™‚

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