April 29

Hello Team 1Z!

It was great to get a full five day week in of learning. This week we had the opportunity to welcome West Kent’s rockstar Easter Seals Ambassador, Vaeda Matheson back to her home school. We watched videos of Vaeda spreading her message and cheered her on as she arrived at the school. It was a highlight for us all and not soon to be forgotten.

Cheering Vaeda on as she made her way to the gym.

We also were able to see Mailey, Fluffy and Buzzbee hatch into beautiful butterflies this week. They are now housed in the library and we are waiting for them to lay eggs and then we will get to witness a new generation of butterflies. Also, we will get to observe another life cycle with chicken eggs. The eggs are currently on Day 5 of development and we had a sneak peek at them in their incubator in the library yesterday. Exciting times ahead!

Chicken eggs

We also got to enjoy reading with Book Buddies for the first time with 5A students. This was such a treat to be able to share literacy with older students and we are excited to have more opportunities through the Spring.

The Home & School will be selling hanging baskets from VanKampens for $40 each between May 2 – 25th. An order form will be going home with students on Monday. Orders can be placed on the form or online.

 A note from the office: This is a reminder – Please ensure that your child has UTENSILS and a WATER BOTTLE. We have a lot of students looking for these items. The school has run out of supplies and NO LONGER WILL SUPPLY THEM.

The school has received some applications for the PEI Council of Disabilities Summer Tutoring program.  The program is available to children with disabilities and has a $150 cost for the summer.  An application with fee must be sent to the program no later than Thursday, May 19th.  Please contact Tracey Evison (email) if you are interested in applying for this program.  An application form will be sent home with your child.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, May 2, Day 2 – Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, May 3, Day 3 – Music

Wednesday, May 4, Day 4 – Phys. Ed. & Bake Sale

Thursday, May 5, Day 5 – Music

Friday, May 6 – PD Day (NO CLASSES)

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂

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