May 6

Hello Team 1Z!

I hope everyone is enjoying this sunshine after all that rain we’ve had. We learned lots this week in 1Z. It was our last week with our student-teacher, Mr. Flemming. We said goodbye to him yesterday and thanked him for his contributions to our class over the past several months.

We continue to enjoy the butterflies in the library and are hoping to spot some new eggs on the leaves soon. We are also excitedly waiting for the chicken eggs to hatch. The hatching may happen on a weekend or an evening, and it will be live streamed. As we get closer to the hatching date, I will share the live stream link with you so that your family can have access to this event from home. If they decide to hatch during school hours, we will be watching!

We had hoped to start planting our micro sprouts this week, but we needed to do some rearranging in the classroom first in order to make space. On Monday we will get our sprouts planted and will begin to monitor their growth.

In order to respect and celebrate the diverse families that make up our community and our class, 1Z will be celebrating “The Grown-ups Who Love Us” at the end of May instead of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The Grade 1s shared their final piece of the Persuasive Writing Unit with the class on Thursday. They wrote book reviews of a favorite book and did a wonderful job explaining to their classmates what made that book a great book. For the next two weeks we will return to Non-Fiction writing as a review, then we’ll take a week to review Persuasive writing before we make a return to Narrative writing for the remainder of the school year. This way students will get to use all of the writing skills they have learned this year and apply them to the different writing genres that we have been using. The Kindergarten students have been writing more structured sentences with an accompanying illustration. Their sentences are written using a combination of copying sight words and writing down the sounds that they hear. They are embracing this new ‘grown up’ way of communicating their thoughts on paper! The sight words that K students now have been practicing are: a, all, am, and, I, in, is, no, said, that, the, up, us and you. This week we will work on an, of, and to.

We also got to enjoy reading with Book Buddies again with 5A students. This time we took our reading outdoors and shared books outside in the sunshine.

We hope to make our first trip to Victoria Park this week with KC & KB. Once we have a firm date decided, I will send a message.

Important Upcoming Date: As you may remember the Spring before your child started Kindergarten (Spring 2020 or 2021), s/he came one morning for Kindergarten orientation (many parents remember this day as the day they cried in the parking lot). Well, next year’s Kindergarten students will be coming for their orientation on Friday, May 27. This means that current students in 1Z will be staying home that day.

The Home & School will be selling hanging baskets from VanKampens for $40 each between May 2 – 25th. An order form went home with students on Monday. Orders can be placed on the form or online.

I hope that all of the Mother figures (moms, aunts, grandmothers, step-mothers, foster-mothers) in our 1Z community feel appreciated this weekend. Thank you for all you do to help support your child’s learning, growth, and development.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, May 9, Day 6 – Library & Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, May 10, Day 1 – Music & Happy Birthday Nathan

Wednesday, May 11, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Happy Birthday Callum

Thursday, May 12, Day 3 – Music

Friday, May 13, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂

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