Welcome to the KA class blog. This will be my primary form of communication through the school year. I will post an update each week with details of what we are learning, any upcoming activities or other announcements as needed. Most parents find it easiest to subscribe to the blog (below). If you subscribe you will get an email each time I make a post and it is much easier than remembering to check the blog regularly. If you need help subscribing, please let me know and I will help.

Some other info for the first day of school:

-The Kindergarten pick up and drop off area is at the main front doors

-There are duty teachers outside in the morning at 8:00am and students enter the school at 8:20am

-If you are picking up your child, pick up is at 2:30pm

-They will need a snack and lunch (peanut and tree nut free)

-A change of indoor shoes (labelled with their name)

-A school bag (labelled with their name)

-A water bottle (labelled with their name)

-A change of clothes in their school bag (in case of spilling or accidents) (labelled with their name)

-Masks are recommended but not mandatory this year

-Please register with Transportation Services if your child will be taking a bus to and/or from school.

I know that starting school can be both an exciting and scary time for both students and their grown-ups. If there is anything that could help with that transition for your family, please feel free to reach out (lmmacleod@edu.pe.ca) and I’ll do my best to support you.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday (September 7),

Lisa 🙂


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