‘Twas the night before…

Hello Team KA,

I know that this evening will be filled with all sorts of feelings of anticipation from both you and your children. Some will be excited positive feelings, and some will be nervous anxious feelings. This is normal and part of the experience of starting school. We teachers still feel all those feelings each year too! Some things to keep in mind tomorrow morning:

  • If your child will be taking the bus, please make sure you have them registered with Transportation Services
  • If you are dropping your child off at school, drop off is between 8-8:20am at the main doors
  • If you are picking your child up at the end of the day, pick-up is at 2:30pm at the main doors
  • Students will needs indoor shoes, a water bottle and a snack & lunch packed.
  • Please make sure I know what their after school plan is so that I send them to right place

Here is some information that may help manage some common worries:

  • We have a washroom just for our students in our classroom that students can use whenever they need to, as long as nobody else is using it
  • Students will have a morning snack, then outdoor recess
  • Students will have an afternoon recess just before lunch
  • We eat together as a class in our classroom
  • We will go outside together as a class before recess so that students know where to play, where to line up, and some general playground safety rules
  • I will be outside with them the first recess
  • Tomorrow they will go to Music class with Ms. Duncan. Thursday they will go to Phys. Ed. with Mrs. Szwarc. Music and Phys. Ed. will alternate daily
  • We will take care of them. They are now part of ‘my kids’. I will care for you child, protect your child, and guide your child. Some tears are common, but we will also laugh together. We will make new friends and get to have new experiences together. This class is designed specifically for 4 and 5 year olds, to meet their needs and challenge them when they need it. It is a class of play based learning that will evolve and change as the students evolve and grow.
  • Students learn and grow best when home and school work together as a team, so Welcome to Team KA!

I’m excited to see you tomorrow,

Lisa 🙂


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