October 14

Hello again KA/1A team,

It was wonderful to be back into our regular routines this week. Although our stamina needs some work (mine included!), everyone really seemed to do well with the stability and predictability of our routines.

We had our very first Book Buddies with class 5V this week. Students were so excited to read with the ‘big kids’ and are looking forward to our next Day 1.

This week in Fundations we continued to review the letters T, F, B, N and M and also learned I and U. In Fundations are learning to write the lowercase letters now, and once we learn all 26 lowercase letters, then we will start with uppercase. Students should be able to recognize both upper and lowercase letters as we learn them now, but are only learning to write in lowercase first.

In Math we are have been learning to estimate up to 10 objects, how to represent numbers in a variety of different ways, how to count and how to create and extend patterns. Math at this level can be so easy and so fun to reinforce at home, there are so many opportunities to count, represent and sort! Here is a song to help practice patterns.

Representing numbers in different ways

This week we read Stolen Words, Shi-shi-etko, and Phyllis’s Orange Shirt to learn about why we were orange on the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. We also colored pictures and talked about how we can help become part of the solution.

The Fall Fair is coming up on October 29, and we are starting to collect items for the raffle baskets. The theme for the KA/1A, KB, and KC basket is Candy! These three classes will put all the candy themed donations into a basket that will be raffled off as part of the Fall Fair. Other grade levels are doing different baskets as well. If you’re able, please send any candy themed donations to school between October 13-29th. Tickets will be sold on all baskets between October 17-29th, and the winners will be drawn at the end of the Fall Fair. Home & School is looking for volunteers to sign up for the Fall Fair (a criminal back ground check is required). Here is the sign up link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0a4eaca823a2f49-west3

Library Week Art Contest K-2

We are celebrating library week with an invitation for k-2 students  to do a creative art project related to the book “Creepy Carrot” written by Aaron Reynolds (story link below).

There are two categories, but all carrots should be smaller then a basketball:

Materials- only paper, glue and coloring tools

Materials-  be creative and materials can range from clay to cloth

-Bring to school Wednesday, October 19th

-Only one entry per student please. There will be small prize awards per class for creativity, humor etc…Students need to carry them to school, so nothing to big.

-This is a home project and entries should be done mostly by the students, but parents or other family members may help pick out an idea.

-Write your name and class on the back of your design (if possible so that it is not visible)

-All projects should go home starting October 28th. Those that remain on Friday will be thrown out.

Student Nurses from UPEI will be coming to observe our students over the next few weeks. This is part of the pediatric nursing course. This will include the always exciting Teddy Bear Clinic on November 9 (more details to follow).

Terry Fox and National Truth and Reconciliation Day coloring

If you are ordering Hot Lunches (daily milk, weekly ice cream, monthly pizza) or from the Provincial School Lunch Program please make sure that your child is registered under the KA/1A class code. There have been some changes to our class composition since the start of the year, and we have been having some difficulties getting our lunches delivered to our classroom. If everyone could take a minute to confirm that the correct class code is being used, it would help make lunch run more smoothly. Thanks!

A reminder that drop off is between 8:00-8:20am and classes begin at 8:30. It’s really important that everyone is on time so that students don’t miss out on important routines and learning or the opportunity to be the Star of the Day.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, October 17, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, October 18, Day 5 – Music

Wednesday, October 19, Day 6 – Phys. Ed. & Creepy Carrot Deadline

Thursday, October 20, Day 1 – Music & Book Buddies

Friday, October 21 – PD Day (NO CLASSES)

Enjoy the weekend,

Lisa 🙂


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