October 28

Hi KA/1A grown-ups,

Happy Diwali to everyone this week. I hope everyone is enjoying the celebration of light!

We had a fun filled week starting on Monday with a visit from STEAM PEI. We learned about shapes and characteristics of shapes while playing with Magformers and building tall and stable structures. On Wednesday as part of Library Week, we had Mayor Phillip Brown in to read the latest Pig the Pug book to the class. Our student nurses were back for two more days of observations and we ended the week participating in Spooktacular and enjoyed all the Halloween themed activities through the school.

This week in Fundations we continued to review and practice the 9 letters that we have already learned, and we added A and G as well. We have also been working with a short story about Echo the owl finding dinner. This helps students learn and practice comprehension strategies.

In Math we continue to find ways to break numbers apart and to build with many different types of materials and finding and creating patterns.

We did a Science experiment this week. We asked the question ‘Do pumpkins float?’ We then made predictions and then tested 3 different pumpkins of different sizes to find out. After we discovered that pumpkins do in fact float, we recorded the results of our experiment. All the students were fantastic scientists!

Thank you for all the candy donations! It looks like it’s going to be a very sweet prize to be won at the Fall Fair on Saturday (10-2).

A reminder that West Kent is a nut free and scent free school. We have a staff member with serious allergies to scents. Although perfume and cologne are obvious scents, hair products (thinking of Halloween costumes), laundry detergent, and lotions also carry scents and can cause an allergic reaction. We also have several student with life-threatening nut allergies. All nut products (including Nutella, Reese Candies, peanut butter, etc) cannot be taken in the school or on the busses. We also cannot accept imitation alternatives (ie: WOW Butter) since we don’t have the capacity to verify it’s ingredients. Thank you so much for helping keep the school a safe place for all students and staff.

We are excited to celebrate Halloween at West Kent this year. Students are invited to wear costumes to school on Monday, October 31. We ask that masks, weapons or anything with blood not be included in the costume that comes to school. As well, any accessories to costumes that can easily be lost or forgotten should be left at home to avoid Trick or Treating disappointments.

Class 5B is also hosting a Bake Sale on Monday. Items will be $1- $2 or less and students will be able to buy one item from the cart. If you would like your child to purchase a treat, please send money in the homework bag.  All money raised will be donated to the QEH.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, October 31, Day 1 – Music, Bake Sale & Halloween

Tuesday, November 1, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Ms. Ramsay

Wednesday, November 2, Day 4 – Music

Thursday, November 3 – PD Day (NO CLASSES)

Friday, November 4 – PD Day (NO CLASSES)

Have a spooky weekend,

Lisa 🙂

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