November 10

Hi again everyone,

We sure packed a lot of fun activities into this four day week! We had our very first field trip to Beamish’s Apple Orchard in Warren Grove on Tuesday. We got to learn all about how apples and apple trees grow, we went on a wagon ride, we tasted some apples and apple cider and searched for fruit buds on the trees.

On Thursday we continued our apple theme and became chefs who worked together to make our very own apple sauce. The room smelled delicious all day while it cooked and we got to taste our creation at the end of the day. The little chefs were very proud of their creation!

We also welcomed our Teddys in on Wednesday. The Teddys were thoroughly checked out by the UPEI Student Nurses at the Teddy Bear Clinic. Students gave information on their Teddys health habits, they were X-Rayed, measured, had their eyes, ears, and mouths checked, and were bandaged. They are feeling much healthier now!

We also got to listen to stories in the library and then sang lullabies and tucked our Teddy friends in for the Teddy Bear Sleepover. On Thursday everyone really enjoyed looking at the ‘security footage’ of the antics the Teddys got up to overnight.

We also had a Teddy Bear Picnic with our Teddy friends at snack time. The weather wasn’t ideal, so we had our picnic in the classroom.

We learned the letters D & S this week in Fundations and continued to review and practice previously taught letters. The students are very excited to find known letters around their environment (on signs, on product label, in books, etc). Encouraging them to continue to find these letters in their environment at home will help develop their fluency as readers and pre-readers.

We learned about Remembrance Day, the significance of Poppies and focused on peace this week. On Wednesday we attended the Remembrance Day Assembly in the gym and got to listen to songs from other West Kent students about peace. The class were all phenomenal listeners and audience members during the more serious assembly.

In Math this week we introduced double digit numbers and using base ten blocks as a way to represent a number. We will continue to build on ways to use base ten blocks so that students are familiar, comfortable and fluent with them when it’s time to use them later on to solve math problems.

Please be sure to send a fork from home that can be washed and reused if your child is ordering lunch. We have gone through an entire bag of plastic forks already and it was supposed to last us the school year. Also, please make sure in both Hot Lunches and the Provincial Food Program that your child is registered as KA/1A so that their lunch arrives in our room on time. Thanks!

Kits for Kindness Free Snack Bags

Kits for Kindness is a program that provides a free weekly bags of snack foods to be sent home in a child’s backpack each week to help support food security.

If you would like for your child to receive a weekly free bag of snacks, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher and their name will be added to our school list.

The Scholastic Book Fair is quickly approaching! The flyers were sent home yesterday, our class is scheduled to visit the fair to browse on Monday, November 21, and then to shop on Wednesday, November 23. The fair will also be open to parents during the Thursday evening and Friday of that week for Parent-Teacher Interviews.

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held the week of November 21-25. You can sign up at for your interview time. Interviews will either be held in our classroom, or on the phone (your choice). A yellow sheet was sent home in the homework bags on Thursday with more information on how to book your time.

Picture Retakes have been scheduled for Monday, November 21.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, November 14, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Ms. Ramsay

Tuesday, November 15, Day 3 – Music

Wednesday, November 16, Day 4 – Phys. Ed

Thursday, November 17, Day 5 – Music

Friday, November 18, Day 6 – Phys. Ed.

Enjoy the weekend,

Lisa 🙂


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