November 18

Hi again everyone,

It feels great to have a full five day week in this week! It helps the students get comfortable in our routines and allows us more time to learn skills and strategies. We also spent some time this week on assessments so that I know specifically where they are when I get to meet with each of you next week.

We learned the letters E & R this week in Fundations and we now know over half the alphabet. We tried lots of different ways to practice our letter formations this week to help us learn and remember all of these letters.  

In Math we are finding new ways to represent numbers and we are breaking numbers apart in a wider variety of ways. This will help students develop a mental dexterity with numbers that will become the foundation for future math and mental math skills. We are working now to build a strong foundation!

We learned a lot this week about the brain. We read Your Fantastic Elastic Brain (and we will refer back to it many times this year). We learned about the 5 main sections of the brain (Pre Frontal Cortex, Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Hippocampus, and Amygdala) and learned what each section is responsible for. We learned that we can work to strengthen our brain like any other body part, and we have started to incorporate vocabulary in class daily that will encourage students to try hard things so that they can grow their brains. One area in particular we will be focusing on is growing neural pathways with lots of practice when it comes to new skills. Brain Song

Speaking of the brain, one way at home you can help support brain growth and development, is to encourage your children to ‘cross the midline’ often. Here is a great article with easy suggestions on how to incorporate this at home and why it is so important.

Please be sure to send a fork from home that can be washed and reused if your child is ordering lunch. We have gone through an entire bag of plastic forks already and it was supposed to last us the school year. Also, please make sure in both Hot Lunches and the Provincial Food Program that your child is registerd as KA/1A so that their lunch arrives in our room on time. Thanks!

Please let me know if you would like picture retakes for your child so that I can put them on the list.

Scholastic Book Fair! 

West Kent Elementary will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair starting Friday, November 18th and ending Friday, November 25th at 11am. Our class will visit the fair to browse/create a wish list early in the week. If you would like to send money for your child to make a purchase, we have a time to shop on Wednesday. Families may visit the book fair Thursday, November 24th from 3- 7pm. There will also be a virtual online Book Fair for friends and families. As always, proceeds from the fair will be used to enhance the library collection.  Thank you for your support of our school library!

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held this week. If you have signed up for an in-person PTI, come to the classroom. If you have signed up for a phone interview, I will call you at your scheduled time (I call from Google Meet, which will show up as an Ontario number on your caller ID). I will do my best to keep to my schedule so that people aren’t kept waiting. I look forward to meeting with you 😊

It seems to be sickness season. If your child is feeling unwell, home is the best place to be. Please be sure to either send me an email ( or call the main office (902-368-6065) and let us know that they are home with you.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, November 21, Day 1 – Music & Picture Retakes

Tuesday, November 22, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Ms. Ramsay

Wednesday, November 23, Day 3 – Music & Book Fair

Thursday, November 24, Day 4 Phys. Ed

Friday, November 25 – Parent Teacher Interviews (NO CLASSES)

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂


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