December 9

Hi again KA/1A grownups,

What a wonderful week here in class. We had three concert rehersals with KB & KC, we visited and shopped at the West Kent Holiday Shop, took home our first report cards, and worked hard to grow our brains!

Thank you to everyone who has returned the report card envelopes. If it has slipped your mind during this busy time of year, please send it in on Monday.

We now know 20 letters in Fundations! This week we learned the letters L, K, and H. This week some of the Kindergarten students started doing some simple reading with me. This will progress differently for each student as we start when they are showing signs of readiness to read. Learning to read isn’t a race, and we want to make sure that each student has a strong foundation of a skill before moving to the next stage.

In Math students have started to represent the number of the day in many different ways on their own white boards. Previously, we were recording the different representations on the class board all together. We are still working together, but students have taken the very grown up next step by writing the answers down themselves.

You are invited to the West Kent Holiday Concert on Dec. 14 (snow date Dec 16) at 12:45. We will perform for the school in the morning, and for families in the afternoon. Each student can invite 4 family members to the afternoon performance. Please have students wear slippers or Christmas socks. Everyone is working hard in music class to prepare for this performance and we are excited to show you!

On Monday afternoon we will get to Catch The Spirit of Canada Games! We are having an assembly with the Canada Games mascot to learn about and build excitement for the upcoming games. Students are invited to wear blue and green to help get in the spirit of the games.

On Friday we will get to spend the afternoon participating in the Reindeer Games! Ms. Szwarc has organized a fun afternoon of games for the whole school to participate. Students are also invited to wear a Holiday Sweater that day as well.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, December 12, Day 3 – Music & Canada Games Pep Rally

Tuesday, December 13, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, December 14, Day 5 – Concert Day!

Thursday, December 15, Day 6 – Phys. Ed

Friday, December 16, Day 1 – Music, Reindeer Games and wear a Holiday Sweater

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂


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