January 13

Hello again,

What a fantastic week of learning! Even though we lost today due to the weather. We had a great first four days 😊

I am very pleased with our new daily schedule. We are able to get lots of Guided Reading in each morning and students are working on reading skills at their individual level. At first the afternoons were a little tough now that we are asking for more academic work during this time, but students have quickly adjusted and are now doing great! We also added a painting center and a listening center to our class this week. We had Book Buddies as well and we mixed things up by getting partnered with new buddies from the 5V class.

On Tuesday we went to our first monthly West Kent Wonder Assembly that will focus on social emotional goals for our school. This assembly was lead by the Grade 6 English class and focused on the importance of greeting people daily. Next month, the focus is Kindness and our class will be leading the assembly for the school. We hope to finalize our plan for the assembly by early next week and then we can start practicing.

We continue to add new sight words to our Word Wall. This week we added can, to, is. Students get multiple opportunities each day in class to practice all their sight words (7 so far) in order to build fluency and automaticity to their current and future reading. Thank you for taking the time to practice the sight words in their folders each day at home. Encourage your child to find their sight words in other contexts as well such as in books, on signs or even on the back of cereal boxes. The greater variety of ways a young reader can practice finding and reading these words, the stronger their future reading skills will be.

This week we learned the last two letters in Fundations! This is a very exciting milestone for our class and we celebrated with a mini dance party. We learned Z and Qu (Q isn’t taught independently because it is a phonics based program). We still have a couple of days to practice these sounds, and then we will take a couple more days to complete the end of unit assessment before moving on to blending sounds in order to decode words.

Our little mathematcians are continuing to practice Part-Part-Whole (K) and simple addition and subtraction stories (1). These are skill that will take a lot of practice and we will be spending lots of time on them in the coming weeks.

Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day at West Kent- Friday, January 27th, we will be celebrating Family Literacy Day at West Kent School. We are encouraging everyone to “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character”. There are lots of quick and fun ideas for this theme on Pinterest. Storm date Friday, February 3rd.

Mrs. Duncan has asked us to share her Music Google Classroom with all WK families. Here is the link: https://sites.google.com/cloud.edu.pe.ca/westkentmusic2020/home

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, January 16, Day 5 – Music

Tuesday, January 17, Day 6 – Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, January 18, Day 1 – Music & Book Buddies

Thursday, January 19, Day 2 – Phys. Ed.

Friday, January 20, Day 3 – Music & Library

Hope you can find something fun to do this weekend despite the weather,

Lisa πŸ™‚


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