Kindness Assembly

Hello KA/1A grownups,

As I have previously mentioned, our class will be leading the February West Kent Wonders Assembly about Kindness in early February. We have our plan now in place, and we have started practicing. We will be practicing every day in class so that students can become very familiar and confident in what they have to do during the assembly.

We have a song that you can find below that we will sing together as a class with actions. We also have a Kindness Pledge that you will find below that we will read with the school. I am also sending hard copies of the pledge home in homework bags. Six students have volunteered to speak on their own at the assembly. Those six students also have their lines in their homework bags. Students who did not feel comfortable speaking in front of the school have acting roles that they will be practicing as well.

Helping your child practice for the assembly between now and February 2 will help build their confidence when it comes time for the assembly. Thank you so much for your support with this project.

Lisa 🙂


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