January 20

Hello again and Happy Lunar New Year,

It feels great to have a full five day week of learning in this week. We accomplished a lot and took some time to celebrate our hard work. We added some giant snowflakes to our classroom and made lanterns to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

We have been carving out a little time each day to practice for our upcoming assembly on Kindness. We have been practicing our song, our pledge and our mini skits. All of your help with the practicing at home is very much appreciated. The more practice the students have, the more confident they will be to present in front of the school.

One of the most popular learning centers in class right now is the listening center. Not only do students get to listen to a story and follow along in the book (the actual purpose of the center), but they are also learning how to use old school technology like cassette tapes and CDs. They were quite confused at first with the concept of having to rewind the tape so that the next person could use it, but they are catching on quickly. It has been quite entertaining, but has made me feel very old! 😊

In Fundations we have started our end of unit assessments. This will extend into a couple of days next week and then we will start to learn how to blend sounds as a decoding strategy. We also added was, it of to our Word Wall this week.

Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day at West Kent- Friday, January 27th, we will be celebrating Family Literacy Day at West Kent School. We are encouraging everyone to “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character”. There are lots of quick and fun ideas for this theme on Pinterest. Storm date Friday, February 3rd.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, January 23, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, January 24, Day 5 – Music

Wednesday, January 25, Day 6 – Phys. Ed.

Thursday, January 26, Day 1 – Music & Book Buddies

Friday, January 27, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Dress like your favorite book character

Have a wonderful weekend,

Lisa 🙂


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