Growth Mindset

Hi Parents,

One of our major themes of the year will be Growth Mindset. This is a concept by Dr. Carol Dweck that is about the psychology of success. It is such an important part of our learning this year, this page will be devoted simply the one simple, yet extraordinary concept. Here is a link that I hope will be useful for parents to learn with us and explore ways to support your child’s learning at home. Some of the sub-themes of Growth Mindset will be The Power of Yet, Magical Mistakes, and Brain Workouts. This is language that your child will (hopefully) start to use at home, and this page will help keep you informed so that you can become familiar as well. Linked are videos, some that we have already watched in class, and there will be more to come! Any questions at all, just let me know!

Lisa 🙂

Watch here: