Health and Well Being Activities

Daily Physical Activity

Encourage children to engage in 60 min of vigorous (heart pumping!) physical activity daily. Chunk the time and include a mixture of movement opportunities (Ex: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 min per go). All activities are from the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning.

Daily Physical Activity +
Learning Activity Time Instructions Considerations

Daily Physical Activity




Up to 60 Minutes/ Day Until Complete

(Ex: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 min per go)

●        Jump rope

●        Jog/Run/Walk

●        Ride a bike

●        Rollerblade

●        Skateboard

●        Dance

●        House and Yard work

●        Running obstacle course

●        Games that involve running and chasing (alone or with siblings)

●        Do a circuit of jumping jacks, push ups, running on the spot, squats, lunges, jumping etc..


Engaging in physical activity is a way to celebrate what our bodies can do. Children should explore ways to find the joy in movement!

Make up a heart pumping work out or game, record it, and send it to a friend or relative

Make up a heart pumping workout to do with your family

Set a goal to get your 60 mins of heart pumping physical activity every day. Write it down and keep a journal.

Make an obstacle course, indoor or outdoor, that includes running, jumping, hopping, leaping, exercises etc.

Plan movement breaks throughout the day to interrupt sedentary behaviour

Reading and writing





Up to 20 Minutes/ Day Until Complete

Read or write about a health related topic



Choose books or readings about healthy habits, the body, a sport, fitness, healthy relationships, hygiene


Up to 20 Minutes/ Day Until Complete Explore Canada’s Food Guidelines


Add healthy food choices to a family grocery list

Draw a healthy plate

Help prepare a healthy snack in the kitchen

Service Learning

Up to 20 Minutes/ Day Until Complete Create ways to help others while practicing social distancing Make cards for healthcare professionals

Write a letter to a grandparent or family member

Record a story reading and send it to someone to brighten their day

Connect with a friend over the phone, video call, messages, write a letter/email


Up to 20 Minutes/ Day Until Complete Engage in a daily mindfulness activity



Blow bubbles

Explore textures in nature

Drawing and/or coloring

Listen to music


Get Outdoors!

Up to 20 Minutes/ Day Until Complete If you can, spend some time outside and write or draw about your experiences, using the five senses to guide your writing.


What sense do you feel you use the most? Why is that?

What stands out? Is there something that you notice that you haven’t paid attention to before? Explain.

Do a simple scavenger hunt

Create art with chalk on a driveway

Free play

Managing Emotions & Feelings (Social Emotional Learning)


Up to 10 Minutes/Day

Keep a writing or drawing journal about your feelings.



Daily you can write the word for how you are feeling (parents you or your child can make a list of words that represent feelings E.g. happy, sad, scared, angry, funny, silly, tired, excited, kind)

Write about how you feel

Draw a picture of yourself to show how you are feeling.

Talk about your drawing and writing with someone in your family.