January 14-18

Good morning,

Well, we had a fairly interrupted week last week with all the storms, but are hoping for more learning time this coming week.

In the time we were back we were able to complete some math stations and we launched a new writing unit: Non-Fiction! This is very exciting, and students will get to practice being experts in an area while they write about it.

This week in 3Z:

Monday, Day 6 ~ Library

Tuesday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, Day 2 ~ Music

Thursday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed.

Friday, Day 4 ~ Music & Book Buddies

Enjoy the week,

Lisa 🙂


New Year… New Snowstorms!

Hello again 3Z!

It’s been a slow start to the new year with Mother Nature interfering, but we are working hard while at school!

We are very pleased to welcome two new students to the class. We hope they enjoy 3Z, and have already been contributing to our positive learning environment.

Homework will start on Monday, January 19th. The reasons for the delay is that I want to reassess spelling skills first. I had hoped to do this sooner, but the weather closures affected my plans. Yesterday, students completed the Primary Spelling Inventory, which will give me the information I need to plan our next steps in spelling.

img_4657This month on our Growth Mindset journey, we will be focusing on how to give feedback to each other that supports a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed Mindset. We have some sentence starters on our bulletin board, and students will fill out and add a post-it note when they use/notice the desired feedback used at school. Some post-its have already been added!

We have also been focusing on the phrase ‘I want to try even though I could fail’, which comes from a Shakira song from the movie ‘Zootopia’. It highlights the perseverance and grit that is so valued in a Growth Mindset. img_4806

We have introduced Reading Glasses img_4656to use during Reader’s Workshop. We find it helps keep our eyes focused on the book and helps us to build our endurance as readers.

We have also begun some new agmographs. These ones are very similar to the ones that we did for Christmas, but have a winter theme.  I can see how students have learned from the difficulties and challenges they encountered the first time around, and now they are applying that learning to try better strategies. Yay!

If you’re walking down our hallway, you’ll see that our class has begun a Walk of Fame for books that we love. This is an idea that was initiated by the students in our class when they noticed awards printed on the ‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain‘ (which is the first book to make the walk of fame!), and decided that we need to recognize great writing too. We will continue to add to this walk during the duration of the school year. img_4807

This week in 3Z:

Monday ~ Snow Day

Tuesday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed.

Wednesday ~ Snow Day

Thursday, Day 4 ~ Music & Book Buddies

Friday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed.

And here is another upcoming event in the community you may be interested in:img_4661

Enjoy the rest of the week and this the winter weather!

Lisa 🙂


Happy Holidays!

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and is enjoying that wonderful week between Christmas and New Year when it is difficult to keep track of what day it is!

IMG_4455I hope the students enjoyed their new tree ornaments they received as a gift. It is filled with things that all the other students in the class said about them. Something to treasure.

We were as busy as elves here in class in the lead-up to Christmas. We added a Christmas theme to our Reader’s Workshop, our Writer’s Workshop, and our Math Centers. We read some holiday classics and enjoyed the 12 Days of December that the Student Council organized for us.

We also rehearsed and recorded a reader’sIMG_E4640 theatre sketch called ‘Bob The Goofy Reindeer‘, which everyone enjoyed immensely. If you would like to see the performance, send me an e-mail and I will send it to you to watch!

We very much enjoyed the turkey dinner, skating and going to see ‘Home Alone‘ at the Playhouse. Although we had to make some changes after the weather interfered with our last week’s plans, it all worked out!

In the New Year, we will have lots of learning to get done! We are going to look at a new area of Growth Mindset, new units in Science and some non-fiction writing. We will also be welcoming two new students to our class and talking about goals for 2019!

Because of storms and special activities during the last week of school before the break, those who had ordered milk will still have that milk credit for the first Thursday and Friday back. If you didn’t order milk then, but would like to, please make sure it gets to me first thing on Thursday morning. I will send home new order forms for the week of Jan. 7-11 on Thursday.

This week in 3Z:

Thursday, Day 6 ~ Library

Friday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year! See you all back here at school soon!

Lisa 🙂

December 10-14

Good morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying the wintery scenes and all the Christmas preparations. We have a busy two weeks left before Christmas break. I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas Fair and the Kick-off to the 12 days of December. The students really seemed to enjoy the book sale on Friday, and we had great participation with the red and green day on Thursday. We did some procedural writing about decorating a Christmas Tree and we made some agamographs as well.

Thanks to everyone who came to Parent-Teacher Interviews… even though Mother Nature kept moving them around. It is so important that we get a chance as parents and teacher to discuss your child’s progress so that we can continue to work together as a team. I still have a few families to meet with, so please call the main office and schedule your time this week.

There will be no more homework until 2019, but I am sending home a permission form today to be able to share the students’ writing. Please sign and return by Thursday.

This week in 3Z:

Monday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed. & PJ Day

Tuesday, Day 4 ~ Music & Book Buddies & Bake Sale

Wednesday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed. & Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Thursday, Day 6 ~ Library & ER Day

Friday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed. & Hat/Scarf Day

Enjoy the week!

Lisa 🙂

Welcome to December!

I cannot believe that we are already into December! Where is this school year going so quickly?!

It’s been a bit of a confusing ride over the past few weeks with short weeks made shorter by storms. A longer update will be coming later this week, but here are some highlights I want to make sure get out today:

  1. Christmas Fair will now be Wednesday, December 5, 6-8pm
  2. Homework from our 2 day week last week will be due this Thursday, Dec. 6
  3. Food orders for next week are going home today
  4. Parent-Teacher interviews for our class will be held Thursday until 6:30pm. You can call the main office to choose a time slot. I will also have a couple time slots available before the Christmas Fair, but if those times don’t work for you, please let me know and we’ll find another time that works

Fingers crossed for more cooperative weather!!!

Lisa 🙂

November 19-23

Happy snowy weekend to the 3Z team!

I hope everyone is snuggled in somewhere warm and cozy on this snowy night! We didn’t have a very long week, but we still managed to get lots done! We worked hard in our Reader’s Workshop and talked about creating sensory images while reading and building our stamina. We practiced our strategies of bringing our writing to life by acting it out and discovered a new way to spell unknown words by using words that we already know (ie: we can spell crunch if we know lunch, or smart if we know art!). We also completed lots of assessments as we prepare for report cards and parent-teacher interviews next week.

We circulated through math centers to practice and reinforce different strategies that we have been learning.

IMG_3939Even though Friday only ended up being half a day, IMG_3940 we got to enjoy our first hot-dog day and free milk day!

As the weather quickly changes, please make sure students are coming to school properly dressed to play outside. An extra pair of mitts and an extra pair of socks are always a good idea to keep in their backpacks as they tend to become quite soggy this time of year.

This Week in 3Z:

Monday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, Day 6 ~ Library

Wednesday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed.

Thursday, Day 2 ~ Music & Report Cards go home & Parent Teacher Interviews

Friday ~ Parent Teacher Interviews (NO CLASSES)

Stay warm and enjoy the snow this weekend!

Lisa 🙂

November 12-16

Hello 3Z Team!

Well, that was a short but full week! On Monday we started with our Remembrance Day Ceremony here at the school. The 2/3 class did a beautiful job singing and ringing the 100 bells to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1. IMG_3834Before, students were able to spend a few minutes visiting with the Veterans and gave them bookmarks that they had made for them. They also made bookmarks to take home as well and we did some reading and watched a video in class in preparation as well.

We got to take part in the Food Literacy Program at the library on Tuesday and learned a lot about food and nutrition and where our food comes from. Thanks to Katelyn, Grace, and John for the great presentation and delicious snack.

We learned a lot about our brains and how they work as part of our Growth Mindset journey. We made brain helmets we labeled parts of the brain and we watched videos about our brains.

We worked hard in our literacy and math this week, and began some assessments in preparation for the upcoming report cards. We also got to be Book Buddies with the K/1 class. It was so nice to see our class be role models and leaders for the younger students.

I hope the students will enjoy the 5 day weekend as we teachers spend the next two days learning with all the other teachers on PEI at the PEITF Convention in Charlottetown.

Spread the word: Friday evening stop by Indigo on University Ave. in Charlottetown for the Georgetown fundraiser. A % of proceeds will go right back to our school.

This week in 3Z:

Monday ~ NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, Day 2 ~ Music

Thursday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed.

Friday, Day 4 ~ Music & Book Buddies & Picture Retakes

November 5-9

Happy November everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween week. We had an action packed week here!

We were lucky enough to have Mrs. Bell come in and do a Writer’s Workshop lesson with as part of the Provincial Grade 2 Writing Project. She will be back to visit us again on Monday and help our writing. Students worked hard on their writing this week and focused on bringing their stories to life. They begged to share their stories often, and showed a lot of pride in what they accomplished!

We worked hard in Reader’s Workshop and even got the opportunity to participate as an audience in the Gr. 4/5/6 writing celebration.

We continue to work hard at place value in Math and have incorporated some new games in our math centers. Students are also becoming acquainted with the math text books and how to properly use them.

We also really enjoyed the Halloween celebrations with a movie in Mrs. O’Hanley’s class and the dance in the afternoon. Ms. Batchilder came with treats, and we created some art for our door.

This week we have a short but busy week. For this reason, there will be NO HOMEWORK sent home on Monday. Homework will go home again on the 13th. Food orders will still go home on Monday, and will be due on Wednesday.

On Tuesday we have the privilege of participating in a Food Literacy Program at the Library. Students will learn about food and nutrition.

We have also been busy preparing for our Remembrance Day Ceremony on Monday at 11:30. All are welcome to join us for the ceremony.

Next Week in 3Z:

Monday, Day 4 ~ Remembrance Day Ceremony, Book Buddies & Visit by Mrs. Bell

Tuesday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed. & Food Literacy Field Trip

Wednesday, Day 6 ~ Library

Thursday ~ PEITF Convention NO SCHOOL

Friday ~ PEITF Convention NO SCHOOL

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂

October 29 – November 2

Hello 3Z team!

I hope everyone had a great week and is enjoying the start to their weekend so far. We had a busy week here at school with lots of learning. In Reader’s Workshop we talked about all different things that we can read and different strategies we can use. We also looked at how to use Anchor Charts and practiced using them.

In Writer’s Workshop we practiced stretching out words and zooming in stories. The class has really embraced Writer’s Workshop and is working hard to develop their stories with lots of details and is always proud to share their work with the class.

IMG_3674In Math we are continuing to develop our number sense with game and Mathletics, and this week we added working in our text books. Everyone has been developing their place value skills, and the grade twos have also been working on using counting by 10 as a strategy.

We also did a self-assessment IMG_3638on our mindsets to discover our level of fixed and growth we are right now. We also talked about how we can learn anything!

IMG_3676Monday is Inside out for Autism day here at Georgetown. Students are encouraged to wear their shirt inside out and take in a small donation to promote Autism Awareness. We watched a video in class about Autism so that students can become more aware, and we will have a short assembly on Monday afternoon.

Next week in 3Z

Monday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed. & Inside Out for Autism

Tuesday, Day 6 ~ Library

Wednesday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed. & HALLOWEEN

Thursday, Day 2 ~ Music

Friday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed.

Hope everyone enjoys this last weekend of October!

Lisa 🙂

Dental Clinic

IMG_3639The dental clinic is here at Georgetown. This is such an important collaboration between education and health. All students were screened today, and have permission forms in their homework bags. These forms need to be filled out and returned tomorrow (Tuesday) so that the dental clinic will have time to do their work before moving onto their next school. The forms must be filled out and returned for the work to be done.

Please look for these forms this evening and send them back in the morning.