April 23 – 26

Happy Easter Weekend!

I hope everyone is enjoying this break in the rain while it lasts. We had a short but productive week here in 3Z. We learned more about Robert Munsch and continued to work on our Reader’s Theatre play. We wrote letters that will be shared with family and friends soon, and the grade threes started to learn about fractions while the grade twos began to write story problems.


We also had the privilege of watching the 4/5/6 class perform at the Drama Festival on Wednesday afternoon. It was an excellent performance, and I think quite inspiring to many in our group.


We made some Easter art that used pastels, cutting and pasting, and following step by step drawing instructions. They turned out really well!

IMG_6204In preparation for Earth Day on Monday, we IMG_6205listened to a song, and with the help of the K/1 class we cleaned up the playground, running track, and ball field of trash.


Next week in 3Z:

Monday ~ Easter Monday (NO CLASSES)

Tuesday, Day 2 ~ Music

Wednesday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed.

Thursday, Day 4 ~ Music & Easter Seals Tour

Friday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed., Hygiene Presentation, & PLA letter coming home.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter,

Lisa 🙂



April 15-18

Hello all!

I hope everyone in enjoying the kick off to the weekend. We had a great week here in 3Z, full of learning and laughter!

As part of our Robert Munsch author study, we are working on a Reader’s Theatre play of the Robert Munsch story ‘Andrew’s Loose Tooth’. This week, we read the book in class, listened to the author read the book himself via his website, and chose roles for each student to play. On Thursday, we did our very first read through together as a group and I was so incredibly proud of how well they all did!

We are continuing to learn about writing letters with our opinions. This week, we even wrote letters in support of Earth Day, which is coming up soon. We will be doing more activities to learn about Earth Day and way to help our planet.

We had a busy week in Math. We continue to practice our fact fluency (+ and – for grade two, with x and / added on for grade three). The Grade 2s furthered their understanding of classifying shapes and 3D solids, as well as solving story problems. The Grade 3s did some more work on area & perimeter, and also began to learn about fractions!

IMG_6037We also have a successful cookie fundraiser with our class contributing $20!

Next week will be the last week that we will focus on suffixes and prefixes in our spelling patterns. We will also get to go the Drama Festival at King’s Playhouse to support the 4/5/6 students in their performance. Students can continue to purchase tickets for the draw to have lunch with Mr. Trevor at Daryll’s until Thursday.

This week in 3Z:          

Monday, Day 4 ~ Music & Book Buddies

Tuesday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, Day 6 ~ Library & Drama Festival

Thursday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed.

Friday ~ Good Friday (NO CLASSES)

Hope you all enjoy the weekend,

Lisa 🙂

April 8-11

Happy Friday,

I hope everyone enjoyed this week where we had a little bit of winter and a lot of wind!

We had a busy week, but one of our highlights was having a video chat with Dexter from the hospital! We all miss him very much and it was such a treat to get to see him and talk to him.

We raised $10 via the Hat Day, and have already taken in money for the Giant Cookie fundraiser (money accepted until the 9th, cookies delievered on the 11th) and the tickets for lunch draw (money accepted until the 18th).

In Math, the Grade 2s are working on deciphering story problems (which we will continue to work on for a while) and classifying shapes and geometric solids. We are continuing to work on math fact fluency in adding and subtracting digits up to 18, as well as adding and subtracting two digit numbers with re-grouping. The Grade 3s are now working on division as well as learning about area and perimeter. They are continuing to work on their multiplication fluency up to 36, and are also practicing story problems.

We are furthering our opinion writing skills, and are busy writing letters to share those opinions. We have started a new author study and will be spending the next week or so learning all about Robert Munsch. We will also continue with studying prefixes (grade three) and suffixes (grade two).

On Monday, we will be taking part in the first every Green Shirt Day. This is an initiative that was born from the Humboldt Broncos tragedy to raise awareness about organ donation.

If you have any items to donate for prizes for the BINGO fundraiser on Thursday, please send them along on Monday.

This week in 3Z:

Monday, Day 6 ~ Library & Green Shirt Day

Tuesday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed. & Giant Cookie orders due

Wednesday, Day 2 ~ Music

Thursday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed., Giant Cookies delivered, and BINGO

Friday ~ PD Day (NO CLASSES)

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂

April Updates

Easter Seals Fundraising:

On Friday, April 5th we will be having a hat day. If students would like to wear a hat they can pay $1.

There will be a cookie fundraiser. Students can preorder a giant cookie for $1. Orders and money are due on April 9th. Cookies will be delivered to classrooms on April 11th.

Student council is selling tickets for a chance for to have dinner with Mr. Trevor at Daryl’s. Tickets are $1 each. I will have these tickets in my class and students can buy them up until April 18th. Two winners will be drawn and will enjoy their prize after Easter Break.

If you choose to send in money for any of these 3 things, please send a note letting me know what the money is for! Please put money in an envelope or baggie so it doesn’t get misplaced.

Prize Bingo:

Don’t forget to send in your ONE new item for the baskets that will be prizes for bingo. Please have prizes in by April 8th. Thank you so much!

Weather/Outdoor Gear:

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Splash pants, hats, mitts and boots are still quite necessary as it was quite cold and wet yesterday. The rest of the week sounds wet, hopefully we can outside as much as we can.


Lisa 🙂

Welcome to April!

Hello and welcome to April!

It’s hard to wrap my head around just how fast this year is going by. As we go into April, we have a lot of learning left, and will have lots of work to do.  IMG_5834Some of us found it a little challenging to get back in the swing of things after a week off, but lots of movement breaks helped us adjust.

This past week, we welcomed Spring by making some positive/negative butterflies. They turned out beautifully and are a great representation of the season.

We also got to enjoy reading with our book buddies.

IMG_5886We started a new unit all about Fairy Tales, and IMG_5855are studying and analyzing what exactly makes a Fairy Tale different from other stories.



We finished up with our studying of contractions and homophones, and this week will begin to focus on prefixes and suffixes instead.

In writing, we are writing our opinions about books. This opinion writing is important work and we are focusing on providing an opinion, a reason, and evidence. Students have been sharing their work with their classmates and learning from each other.

In Math, the grade threes have started division, and will be continuing to practice their multiplication facts in order to be fluent as possible in both operations. The grade twos are working on Story Problems, and knowing what information is needed to solve the problem.

We have also started working on Cursive Writing. It is part of the IMG_5858Grade 3 program, and the Grade 2s are getting an early introduction in order to help with some fine motor issues that we’ve been experiencing.

IMG_5873We also wanted to give a big shout-out to Bella for sharing a lego creation with the class that she built as a response to our read-aloud Matilida. We were so excited to see her evidence of independent learning, and her interpretation of one of our favorite books!


This Week in 3Z:

Monday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, Day 2 ~ Music & Lesson with Ms. McCarron

Wednesday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed.

Thursday, Day 4 ~ Music & Book Buddies

Friday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed. & Hat Day ($1 Fundraiser for Easter Seals)


Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Lisa 🙂

Happy March Break!

I hope everyone has settled into March Break mode now and are enjoying not having to pack lunches and not having to worry about Homework for a week. The weather seems to be cooperating and teasing us that Spring is almost here.

The last week of class was an action packed one. Not only was it Spirit Week, we also celebrated French Week as well. We had great participation in the PJ Day, the Twin Day, and the Jersey Day. I really enjoyed everyone’s Show & Tell as well. It always allows us an opportunity to learn more about each other than what we see here in class. We got to practice French phrases, had a hunt around the school for Acadian flags, ate croissants, had a school-wide game of 4 corners and ended the week with a skate! Phew, no wonder I was so tired at the end of the week!!

IMG_5725We also continued our spelling work on contractions for Grade 2, and homophones for Grade 3. When we return from the break, we will have one more week on these two spelling stages.

We can’t talk about last week without mentioning IMG_5678the fabulous performance at our school concert Here comes the Sun on Tuesday evening. I was so happy to see everyone on stage, showcasing their musical talents.


When we get back from the break, we will only have 63 days left of school… and a lot of learning to fit into those days. Only 10 more homework sheets. So every moment counts, and we will be cramming a lot into that time.

Enjoy the week to put your feet up, rest and recharge.IMG_5674

Lisa 🙂

March 11-15

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for coming out to Parent-Teacher Interviews last night and today. It was great to get the opportunity to chat about your children and their progress. Even though we only had 3 days (plus an hour delay!), we had lots of excitement. We got to attend the science fair and look at the great projects by the grade 4/5/6 class. Some students were even excitedly discussing ideas about what they might choose as a project when they get to that level.

We also were treated to a performance by a groupIMG_5627 from Holland College. The students were very engaged and enjoyed participating in the show.

This week in class, the Grade 2s were working on contractions and the Grade 3s on homophones. I’m happy with how they are doing with these so far, and we will continue this work next week as well. We have also started to focus more of our math work on story problems, which is the most realistic way to use their math skills.

As we head into the final week before March Break, the Student Council is hosting a Spirit Week with special activities each day. It will also be French Week and we will be celebrating the French language and culture in the school. This should be a fun and exciting way to head into the break. We will also have our Spring Concert, Here Comes the Sun, at Kings Playhouse on Tuesday evening.

This Week in 3Z:

Monday, Day 3 ~ Phys. Ed. & P.J. Day

Tuesday, Day 4 ~ Music, Book Buddies, Twin Day & Here Comes the Sun Concert

Wednesday, Day 5 ~ Phys. Ed., Bake Sale & Dress like the Acadian Flag Day

Thursday, Day 6 ~ Library and Show & Tell Day

Friday, Day 1 ~ Phys. Ed., Jersey Day & Skating 

Enjoy the weekend, Acadian Flag

Lisa 🙂


Parent-Teacher Interviews

A reminder that parent-teacher interviews are happening this evening and tomorrow morning. If you have not already signed up for a time slot, please call Lisa in the office to schedule a time. If you are unable to make it in today or tomorrow, please let me know and we can work together to set up an alternative time.

See you soon,

Lisa 🙂

Spelling Homework

Hello again!

I know it hasn’t been long since our last post, but I wanted to draw your attention to a slight change in our homework routine.

Usually, students have 5 words from their grade level list, and 5 words from their spelling stage list. Starting this week, we will be working on certain spelling skills per grade level. The grade two students will be working on contractions, and the grade three students will be working on homophones. This will be our system until at least March Break. Depending on how we do, we may continue it until the end of the month. I will let you know as we progress.

Also, we are starting a new writing unit and students are being asked to bring a favorite book of theirs to school with them tomorrow (Wednesday) to use to kick off this new unit. I’m asking that it be a fictional book with characters so that it fits with the activity.


Lisa 🙂