January 20

Hello again and Happy Lunar New Year,

It feels great to have a full five day week of learning in this week. We accomplished a lot and took some time to celebrate our hard work. We added some giant snowflakes to our classroom and made lanterns to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

We have been carving out a little time each day to practice for our upcoming assembly on Kindness. We have been practicing our song, our pledge and our mini skits. All of your help with the practicing at home is very much appreciated. The more practice the students have, the more confident they will be to present in front of the school.

One of the most popular learning centers in class right now is the listening center. Not only do students get to listen to a story and follow along in the book (the actual purpose of the center), but they are also learning how to use old school technology like cassette tapes and CDs. They were quite confused at first with the concept of having to rewind the tape so that the next person could use it, but they are catching on quickly. It has been quite entertaining, but has made me feel very old! 😊

In Fundations we have started our end of unit assessments. This will extend into a couple of days next week and then we will start to learn how to blend sounds as a decoding strategy. We also added was, it of to our Word Wall this week.

Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day at West Kent- Friday, January 27th, we will be celebrating Family Literacy Day at West Kent School. We are encouraging everyone to “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character”. There are lots of quick and fun ideas for this theme on Pinterest. Storm date Friday, February 3rd.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, January 23, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, January 24, Day 5 – Music

Wednesday, January 25, Day 6 – Phys. Ed.

Thursday, January 26, Day 1 – Music & Book Buddies

Friday, January 27, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Dress like your favorite book character

Have a wonderful weekend,

Lisa πŸ™‚


Kindness Assembly

Hello KA/1A grownups,

As I have previously mentioned, our class will be leading the February West Kent Wonders Assembly about Kindness in early February. We have our plan now in place, and we have started practicing. We will be practicing every day in class so that students can become very familiar and confident in what they have to do during the assembly.

We have a song that you can find below that we will sing together as a class with actions. We also have a Kindness Pledge that you will find below that we will read with the school. I am also sending hard copies of the pledge home in homework bags. Six students have volunteered to speak on their own at the assembly. Those six students also have their lines in their homework bags. Students who did not feel comfortable speaking in front of the school have acting roles that they will be practicing as well.

Helping your child practice for the assembly between now and February 2 will help build their confidence when it comes time for the assembly. Thank you so much for your support with this project.

Lisa πŸ™‚

January 13

Hello again,

What a fantastic week of learning! Even though we lost today due to the weather. We had a great first four days 😊

I am very pleased with our new daily schedule. We are able to get lots of Guided Reading in each morning and students are working on reading skills at their individual level. At first the afternoons were a little tough now that we are asking for more academic work during this time, but students have quickly adjusted and are now doing great! We also added a painting center and a listening center to our class this week. We had Book Buddies as well and we mixed things up by getting partnered with new buddies from the 5V class.

On Tuesday we went to our first monthly West Kent Wonder Assembly that will focus on social emotional goals for our school. This assembly was lead by the Grade 6 English class and focused on the importance of greeting people daily. Next month, the focus is Kindness and our class will be leading the assembly for the school. We hope to finalize our plan for the assembly by early next week and then we can start practicing.

We continue to add new sight words to our Word Wall. This week we added can, to, is. Students get multiple opportunities each day in class to practice all their sight words (7 so far) in order to build fluency and automaticity to their current and future reading. Thank you for taking the time to practice the sight words in their folders each day at home. Encourage your child to find their sight words in other contexts as well such as in books, on signs or even on the back of cereal boxes. The greater variety of ways a young reader can practice finding and reading these words, the stronger their future reading skills will be.

This week we learned the last two letters in Fundations! This is a very exciting milestone for our class and we celebrated with a mini dance party. We learned Z and Qu (Q isn’t taught independently because it is a phonics based program). We still have a couple of days to practice these sounds, and then we will take a couple more days to complete the end of unit assessment before moving on to blending sounds in order to decode words.

Our little mathematcians are continuing to practice Part-Part-Whole (K) and simple addition and subtraction stories (1). These are skill that will take a lot of practice and we will be spending lots of time on them in the coming weeks.

Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day at West Kent- Friday, January 27th, we will be celebrating Family Literacy Day at West Kent School. We are encouraging everyone to “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character”. There are lots of quick and fun ideas for this theme on Pinterest. Storm date Friday, February 3rd.

Mrs. Duncan has asked us to share her Music Google Classroom with all WK families. Here is the link: https://sites.google.com/cloud.edu.pe.ca/westkentmusic2020/home

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, January 16, Day 5 – Music

Tuesday, January 17, Day 6 – Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, January 18, Day 1 – Music & Book Buddies

Thursday, January 19, Day 2 – Phys. Ed.

Friday, January 20, Day 3 – Music & Library

Hope you can find something fun to do this weekend despite the weather,

Lisa πŸ™‚

January 6

Hi Team KA/1A,

Welcome back to the regular routine. I hope you all had a wonderful break, and that the transition back to routines wasn’t too painful.

In class, we have started 2023 with a new daily schedule. We are now starting our day with play and guided reading. After recess and snack we have our circle time meeting and Fundations. After lunch we have our math centers, writer’s workshop, literacy centers and our read aloud. Students have adjusted well to our new routine and this schedule helps us meet new learning goals.

Weekly sight words are another new addition to 2023. This week we started with I, a, the, and. We make sure these words appear in our daily message and they are on our door frame so that we can practice reading them each time we walk through our classroom door. Students have started building a sight word folder with one sight word per page. Starting today (Friday), this folder will travel in the homework bag between home and school daily. It is really important that this folder returns to school every day because we will be using it daily in class. Each week we will add three new words to the folder. At home, please set aside 5 minutes each day to practice these sight words with your child. This is not something that they can do independently yet, so they will need an adult to help. If they are struggling to remember a word, tell them the word and then have them repeat it. Sight words are not words that we take time to decode (sound out), they are words we reconginze in a snap, which is why they need daily practice in order to master. If you have any questions about this new step in our learning, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

For the students who are ready, we have started Guided Reading. This is when students read at their level with me in either a small group or one on one. We will practice reading a book together and learn some strategies for solving words. Students are beginning to build their own book baskets to keep a collection of books at their level. 

This week we learned Y and X in Fundations. We are all very excited that we only have two more letters left to learn before we know the entire alphabet. After that, we will start learning how to blend letters together.

Grade 1 students started using stories to learn addition and subtraction this week and counting by 2s. Kindergarten students are exploring different ways to break a number into two parts. We call this Part-Part-Whole. These are skills that we will continue to practice and stregthen over the next few weeks.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, January 9, Day 1 – Music & Book Buddies

Tuesday, January 10, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Assembly

Wednesday, January 11, Day 3 – Music & Library

Thursday, January 12, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Friday, January 13, Day 5 – Music

Enjoy the weekend,

Lisa πŸ™‚

December 20

Hi Team KA/1A,

What a fun two days we’ve had! On Monday afternoon we participated in the Reindeer Games and on Tuesday afternoon we did special holiday activities with KB & KC. It was a festive way to start the Christmas Holidays.

Today, all indoor shoes and back-up clothing was sent home for the break. This way you can reasses the sizing and condition and decide whether or not they need to be replaced in the new year.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, Happy Kwanza, Happy New Year and a fantastic break!

Next Year in KA/1A

Monday, January 2 – Stat Holiday (NO CLASSES)

Tuesday, January 3, Day 3 – Music & Library

Wednesday, January 4, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Thursday, January 5, Day 5 – Music

Friday, January 6, Day 6 – Phys. Ed.

See you all in 2023,

Lisa πŸ™‚

December 16

Hello Kindergarten/Grade 1 families,

That week was a little more disrupted with the snow days than we had thought, but we had a great time on the days we were here. On Monday we caught the Canada Games spirit in a pep rally assembly. Students were pretty excited to meet Wowkwis the mascot and learn about the Games.

We came back from the Snow Storm and were treated to the Gr. 5 and 6 Holiday Concert. Everyone in class was a fantastic audience and really enjoyed the music from the older students. Ask your child about the special surprise guests who performed at the end the 5/6 concert! Speaking of concerts, I was so proud of the KA/1A, KB and KC concerts on Friday. It was a fantastic performance that I very much enjoyed and I hope you did as well.

After the concert excitement, we met our Book Buddies in the Maker Space and made snowmen traps based on the book How to Catch a Snowman. It was a fun STEAM and literacy based activity to do with our buddies.

We learned two new Fundations letters V and W this week. Only four more letters and then we’ve learned the entire alphabet. After that, we will start to learn how to blend those sounds together to decode simple words that follow the constant-vowel-constant (CVC) structure such as β€˜cat’.

In Math students are becoming much indpendent and confident when representing and decomposing numbers on their individual white boards. Our next step is do work independently, but we need more practice at this stage first.

Because of the rescheduling of the concerts due to the weather, the Reindeer Games have been rescheduled to Monday afternoon, so we are looking forward to that!

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, December 19, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Reindeer Games & wear Red and Green Day

Tuesday, December 20, Day 3 – Music & PJ Day

Wednesday, December 14 – Christmas Break (NO CLASSES)

Thursday, December 15 – Christmas Break (NO CLASSES)

Friday, December 16 – Christmas Break (NO CLASSES)

Have a great weekend,

Lisa πŸ™‚

December 9

Hi again KA/1A grownups,

What a wonderful week here in class. We had three concert rehersals with KB & KC, we visited and shopped at the West Kent Holiday Shop, took home our first report cards, and worked hard to grow our brains!

Thank you to everyone who has returned the report card envelopes. If it has slipped your mind during this busy time of year, please send it in on Monday.

We now know 20 letters in Fundations! This week we learned the letters L, K, and H. This week some of the Kindergarten students started doing some simple reading with me. This will progress differently for each student as we start when they are showing signs of readiness to read. Learning to read isn’t a race, and we want to make sure that each student has a strong foundation of a skill before moving to the next stage.

In Math students have started to represent the number of the day in many different ways on their own white boards. Previously, we were recording the different representations on the class board all together. We are still working together, but students have taken the very grown up next step by writing the answers down themselves.

You are invited to the West Kent Holiday Concert on Dec. 14 (snow date Dec 16) at 12:45. We will perform for the school in the morning, and for families in the afternoon. Each student can invite 4 family members to the afternoon performance. Please have students wear slippers or Christmas socks. Everyone is working hard in music class to prepare for this performance and we are excited to show you!

On Monday afternoon we will get to Catch The Spirit of Canada Games! We are having an assembly with the Canada Games mascot to learn about and build excitement for the upcoming games. Students are invited to wear blue and green to help get in the spirit of the games.

On Friday we will get to spend the afternoon participating in the Reindeer Games! Ms. Szwarc has organized a fun afternoon of games for the whole school to participate. Students are also invited to wear a Holiday Sweater that day as well.

Next Week in KA/1A

Monday, December 12, Day 3 – Music & Canada Games Pep Rally

Tuesday, December 13, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, December 14, Day 5 – Concert Day!

Thursday, December 15, Day 6 – Phys. Ed

Friday, December 16, Day 1 – Music, Reindeer Games and wear a Holiday Sweater

Have a great weekend,

Lisa πŸ™‚