September 23

Hi KA teammates,

I’m so sad to have missed this week with the class and I’m excited to see them again next week. I’d like to welcome 4 new Grade 1 students to the class who started this past week!

The Terry Fox Run date has been changed to next Wednesday afternoon. I’m glad that we will have more of an opportunity to learn about Terry and the legacy he has left for Canadians.

This week the school had another chance to practice a Fire Drill and they completed their first Bus Evacuation drill.

In Math this week students had lots of play based practice creating, extending, and identifying patterns. Next week we will learn how to record patterns as well.

In Fundations this week, students reviewed and practiced the letters T, B and F, and learned N and M.

The class had their first Library class on Wednesday and got to listen to a read aloud from Ms. Graham and explore our wonderful library space.

Tuesday was Picture Day! Always an exciting time in primary grades. The proofs will be sent home in a few weeks for you decided if you would like to order or if you like to request retakes.

The second annual National Day for Truth & Reconciliation is this coming week. We will be learning about what it means to be Indigenous, and that schools should be safe and comfy for all students. On Thursday, West Kent will dress in orange shirts and we are honored to have PEI’s Poet Laureate and author Julie Pellissier-Lush and the Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors present at an assembly.

Kits for Kindness Free Snack Bags

Kits for Kindness is a program that provides a free weekly bag of snack foods to be sent home in a child’s backpack each week to help support food security.

If you would like for your child to receive a weekly free bag of snacks, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher and their name will be added to our school list. If you have previously received these bags you will continue to be on our list.

Next Week in KA

Monday, September 26, Day 1 – Music

Tuesday, September 27, Day 2 – Phys. Ed. & Ms. Ramsay

Wednesday, September 28, Day 3 – Music & Library & Terry Fox Run

Thursday, September 29, Day 4 – Phys. Ed. & Truth and Reconciliation Assembly

Friday, September 30 – National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (NO CLASSES)

Stay safe this weekend,

Lisa 🙂

This week

Hello KA families,

Unfortunately after avoiding it all this time, Covid has finally caught up with me. I tested positive yesterday afternoon (Monday), which would be more than 48 hours since I last saw any of your kiddos. It does mean that they will have their first experience with substitute teachers this week. I’m having difficulty getting into my email inbox at the moment, so please call the office with any information that may need to be shared.


September 16

Hi KA grown-ups,

We made it through the first full week of school! It’s hard to explain the growth I can already see from the class. They are becoming quite comfortable in their routines and are learning so much each day. Their independence and their stamina have already increased and I’m excited to see what next week brings.

Thank you for coming to Meet the Staff last night! One thing that I forgot to mention: Unless it’s something that spills, I always have student take any uneaten/partially eaten food home with them instead of throwing it in the garbage. This is a communication method. That way you will see if there is something that they don’t like or won’t eat, and it also allows to you notice any changes in eating habits in case that might indicate things like growth spurts or sickness.

Ms Ramsay (School Counselor) did a lesson in the class on Thursday to talk about feelings. She will come to the class for some more lessons in the coming weeks.

We practiced for the Fire Drill during the week and had our first school-wide Fire Drill on Friday. Everyone did a great job walking quickly and quietly.

In Math this week we started sorting by size, shape and color, and we began making and extending patterns. We’ve been working with AB, ABC, ABB, AAB and AABB patterns.

Sorting pattern blocks

In Fundations this week, we reviewed the letter T, and learned B and F. Click on the letter to take you to some songs to help support student learning.

We also went outside to collect leaves and sticks to use in our Science Center. Students used giant tweezers to hold their samples (fine motor practice) and looked at the materials under a magnifying glass to see all the details.

The Terry Fox Walk/Run will take place on Thursday, September 22nd with a rain date of Friday, September 23rd.  We will be hosting John Connolly for a brief presentation, as well as presentations from some of our leadership students prior to the run. Parents are welcomed to join us outside. Home & School will be providing popsicles for all the students after the run. The grade six leadership students have organized some theme days. If you are able to donate a Toonie ($2.00) for Terry please send in your money with your child’s homeroom teacher or pay on HotLunches (call office if you need assistance with this). All students are invited to take part whether you pay or not. Let enjoy some school spirit.

  • Tuesday, September 20th- Jersey day **Please remember this is picture day for Grades K-4
  • Wednesday, September 21st- Pattern day (dress up in different patterns)
  • Thursday, September 22nd- Inside out day
  • Friday, September 23rd- Pajama day

Kits for Kindness Free Snack Bags

Kits for Kindness is a program that provides a free weekly bags of snack foods to be sent home in a child’s backpack each week to help support food security.

If you would like for your child to receive a weekly free bag of snacks, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher and their name will be added to our school list. If you have previously received these bags you will continue to be on our list.

Next Week in KA

Monday, September 19 – NO CLASSES

Tuesday, September 20, Day 3 – Music, Jersey Day & Picture Day!

Wednesday, September 21, Day 4 – Phys. Ed. & Pattern Day

Thursday, September 22, Day 5 – Music & Inside Out Day

Friday, September 23, Day 6 – Phys. Ed. & PJ Day

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂

September 9

Hello Team KA,

Congratulations on making it through the first week of Kindergarten! This is a big adjustment for both you and your child. All of the excitement and nerves take a toll and everyone is probably pretty tired tonight.

Your children have had so many ‘firsts’ this week. They got to have their first Music class, their first Phys. Ed. class and even their first school assembly on Friday. They’ve been learning to manage their time eating lunch and snack, and to make choices at play time. They’ve been meeting new friends and learning new routines. That’s a lot of learning in just three days! I’m so proud of how well they’ve all been doing, and I’m excited for all that comes next.

On Thursday we began our Fundations program. Fundations is an early literacy program that helps students learn letters, how to make the letters, and their corresponding sounds. We have started the orientation part of the program and will start learning letters next week. I’ll share with you which letters they’re learning each week so that you can reinforce that learning at home.

On Thursday, September 15 at 6pm, you are invited to West Kent for Meet the Staff Night. Everyone can meet in the gym for the first 15mins and then come to the classrooms. Teachers will repeat their presentations three times for parents that have multiple children at the school. This is the first time since 2019 that we’ve been able to hold this event and we are excited to have everyone come to the school. I hope to see you then 😊

Thanks to everyone who got their forms back in to me so quickly. I hope to have them all by early next week. If you need a new copy, please let me know and I will send one home in the homework bag.

School pictures will be September 20 – mark it on your calendars!

We will start practicing and talking about fire drills and bus evacuation drills next week. This is important emergency planning and will probably lead to some discussions at home that usually start with “What happens if…?” If any big worries come up, please feel free to let me know and we’ll help manage any big feelings.

Next Week in KA

Monday, September 12, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, September 13, Day 5 – Music

Wednesday, September 14, Day 6 – Phys. Ed.

Thursday, September 15, Day 1 – Music & Meet the Staff at 6pm

Friday, September 16, Day 2 – Phys. Ed.

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂

Some name practice and puppets we made
Finding the letters for our names

‘Twas the night before…

Hello Team KA,

I know that this evening will be filled with all sorts of feelings of anticipation from both you and your children. Some will be excited positive feelings, and some will be nervous anxious feelings. This is normal and part of the experience of starting school. We teachers still feel all those feelings each year too! Some things to keep in mind tomorrow morning:

  • If your child will be taking the bus, please make sure you have them registered with Transportation Services
  • If you are dropping your child off at school, drop off is between 8-8:20am at the main doors
  • If you are picking your child up at the end of the day, pick-up is at 2:30pm at the main doors
  • Students will needs indoor shoes, a water bottle and a snack & lunch packed.
  • Please make sure I know what their after school plan is so that I send them to right place

Here is some information that may help manage some common worries:

  • We have a washroom just for our students in our classroom that students can use whenever they need to, as long as nobody else is using it
  • Students will have a morning snack, then outdoor recess
  • Students will have an afternoon recess just before lunch
  • We eat together as a class in our classroom
  • We will go outside together as a class before recess so that students know where to play, where to line up, and some general playground safety rules
  • I will be outside with them the first recess
  • Tomorrow they will go to Music class with Ms. Duncan. Thursday they will go to Phys. Ed. with Mrs. Szwarc. Music and Phys. Ed. will alternate daily
  • We will take care of them. They are now part of ‘my kids’. I will care for you child, protect your child, and guide your child. Some tears are common, but we will also laugh together. We will make new friends and get to have new experiences together. This class is designed specifically for 4 and 5 year olds, to meet their needs and challenge them when they need it. It is a class of play based learning that will evolve and change as the students evolve and grow.
  • Students learn and grow best when home and school work together as a team, so Welcome to Team KA!

I’m excited to see you tomorrow,

Lisa 🙂


Welcome to the KA class blog. This will be my primary form of communication through the school year. I will post an update each week with details of what we are learning, any upcoming activities or other announcements as needed. Most parents find it easiest to subscribe to the blog (below). If you subscribe you will get an email each time I make a post and it is much easier than remembering to check the blog regularly. If you need help subscribing, please let me know and I will help.

Some other info for the first day of school:

-The Kindergarten pick up and drop off area is at the main front doors

-There are duty teachers outside in the morning at 8:00am and students enter the school at 8:20am

-If you are picking up your child, pick up is at 2:30pm

-They will need a snack and lunch (peanut and tree nut free)

-A change of indoor shoes (labelled with their name)

-A school bag (labelled with their name)

-A water bottle (labelled with their name)

-A change of clothes in their school bag (in case of spilling or accidents) (labelled with their name)

-Masks are recommended but not mandatory this year

-Please register with Transportation Services if your child will be taking a bus to and/or from school.

I know that starting school can be both an exciting and scary time for both students and their grown-ups. If there is anything that could help with that transition for your family, please feel free to reach out ( and I’ll do my best to support you.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday (September 7),

Lisa 🙂

The 1st Day!

I am so happy that I was able to meet all of your children today. The first day can always be a little chaotic and exhausting, but this is a great group of students and I truly feel lucky to get to spend the school year with them.

I will update this blog at least once a week to keep you in the loop about what we are doing and what we are learning in class. This will be your sneak peek into our classroom.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, I encourage you all to check out the PEI School Food Program. This is a province-wide program that delivers fresh, healthy lunches to Island students. You can register on the website, order lunches for your child, and they will be delivered to our classroom. Our class code is KA.

Today your child brought home their HomeWork Bag. This will go back and forth with them each school day. It is a place you will find notes home, any completed school work, and you can send notes to me as well. There are a number of important forms in there today for you to read, fill out/sign, and send back to the school by Friday.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.


Dancing to an alphabet song!