June 28 – The last day

Hello again Team 1Z!

It’s hard to believe that the school year is over and we are heading into the summer break. I am so proud of each and every student in 1Z. It has been a big year full of changes and interruptions and the entire class handled it so well and kept on working and learning to the best of their ability the entire time.

Thank you to all of you parents and caregivers for supporting your student’s growth. Changing Covid rules and remote learning were probably not what you had in mind as you sent your child to school back in September, but you supported your child and helped them navigate this journey. Students learn and grow best when home and school work together as a team, and you have all been excellent team members.

I hope all of you get to enjoy the beautiful Island summer and to recharge together with friends and family. Spend time making memories and having fun.

To those that are moving onto Grade 2: Enjoy your new class and new teacher, I’ll be excited to see you in the hallways and on the playground next year.

To those that are moving to new schools: We will miss you here at West Kent but we’ll be thinking of you often. Feel free to send us a note and say hi to your old classmates.

To those that are returning in Grade 1: I can’t wait to hear all about your summer, and you’ll be the big kids next year and show the kindergarten students how things work in 1Z.

Next Week in 1Z:

Summer Vacation!

Have a wonderful summer,

Lisa 🙂

June 24

Hello K/1 families!

Wow, what a wonderful last full week of school! We spent the week celebrating a year of ups & downs, hard work & learning, and trials & triumphs.

On Monday, we planted tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in our garden box in the front of the school.

Although the weather wasn’t traditional beach weather on Tuesday, we still enjoyed our time at Stanhope beach. We got to have a picnic, play on the playground and in the sand and talk about National Indigenous People’s Day.

Wednesday, we walked to Victoria Park and had a picnic in the field. We then got to enjoy some ice cream courtesy of the West Kent Home & School (Thank you!). We then got to enjoy playing on the playground for the rest of the afternoon.

On Thursday the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes had the entire building to themselves! We went on a scavenger hunt around the school to discover our afternoon activity: PLAY OUTSIDE. We got to blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk, play gaga ball, play with the big parachute, and play on the playground equipment. We also got to enjoy some popsicles at the end!

We ended the week with a PJ & Teddy Day. We read lots of books in the morning, and joined KB, KC & 1B to watch Encanto together in the afternoon. We were also invited to 2Y to hear about their animal research projects.

A fantastic week of celebrating!

On Monday Ms. Bishop will be in for me, so please call the main office with any changes to afterschool plans.

All of the students have worked so hard this year growing their brains in so many important ways. One of the most important ways was in learning to read. It is important that students continue to read over the summer months in order to maintain that learning so that they can start September by moving onto the next step instead of relearning previous skills. Below is information for a reading club at the provincial libraries, but any kind of summer reading is beneficial. Read together for fun, and foster a love of reading together.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, June 27, Day 4 – Phys. Ed. & Ms. Bishop

Tuesday, June 28, Day 5 – Music & Report Cards sent home

Wednesday June 29 – First Day of Summer Vacation

Thursday, June 30 – Happy Birthday Elliot!

Friday, July 1 – Happy Canada Day!

Have a great last weekend of the school year,

Lisa 🙂

Stanhope & Victoria Park & PJ Day

Hi 1Z families,

As we are now into our last full week of school, we have lots of fun activities planned to help celebrate all the growth and learning that has happened this past year. Below is a mix of reminders (because I know how busy this time of year can get) and some new information for this week:

Tuesday, June 21Stanhope Beach

Tomorrow is our beach field trip day! We have been keeping a close eye on the forecast and it looks like tomorrow will be ok for our field trip. It does look like it will be cloudy and a little cool. Please make sure to pack a lunch (lunch orders won’t be available), a hat, a water bottle, sunscreen, a sweater/jacket and any beach toys (with your child’s name on it) they would like to play with.

I will NOT have access to my email at the beach, so if there are any changes to after school plans, please call the main office at 902-368-6065.

Wednesday, June 22 – Victoria Park

This will be our last trip to Victoria Park for this school year. We will go over before lunch and eat at the park. We will also be getting ice creams from the Kiwanis Dairy Bar. Home & School have paid for the ice creams, so there is no need to send any money. For students who have ordered lunch and/or milk, we will take them from the school with us.

Friday, June 24 – PJ Day

Students in our class are invited to wear their pyjamas and to bring a favorite teddy to school with them for our last Friday of the year. This is completely optional for students who are interested.

We will also do some fun activities on Thursday, but we will be staying at the school and there is nothing special students will need to take with them.

We have also started sending some work home with students. I hope to avoid the very heavy and overfilled backpacks next Tuesday, so we have started to slowly send some things home now.

Wishing everyone a great last full week,

Lisa 🙂

June 17

Hello team 1Z!

We had a great week here in 1Z. On Wednesday, students got to watch The Sword in the Stone play performed by our Book Buddies in 5A, and then got to participate in the Summer Fun Day activities. We had our weekly trip to Victoria Park on Thursday, and got to see quite a few tadpoles in the pond. We also learned about Pride and celebrated by wearing rainbow colors on Friday.

Now that year end assessments are finished, we have some freedom to learn in more creative ways. On Friday we performed some small plays in the class for each other to summarize some of our math and language learning. We also got to visit the Maker Space with our Book Buddies.

On June 21 (raindate June 23), 1z will join 1B and 1C in a year end field trip to Stanhope Beach. We will take a bus there and spend the day playing on the playground, playing in the sand, and picnicing on the beach. If you have some small beach toys, please label them and take them with you to the Stanhope on Tuesday. Thanks for getting the permission forms back so quickly! We will also accompany the other Kindergarten classes to Victoria Park at some point next week.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, June 20, Day 5 – Music

Tuesday, June 21, Day 6 – Stanhope Beach Field Trip

Wednesday June 22, Day 1 – Music

Thursday, June 23, Day 2 – Phys. Ed.

Friday, June 24, Day 3 – Music

Have a great weekend,

Lisa 🙂

June 10

Hello team 1Z!

It’s so hard to believe that we only have two full weeks left of classes! As we approach that finish line, we are busy doing year-end assessments and celebrating our learning. The class did a great job of adjusting to three different substitutes this week. We got to read with our 5A Book Buddies on Thursday, and on Friday we took another trip to Victoria Park.

Next week West Kent is hosting a Summer Fun Day on Wednesday, June 15 (raindate June 16). 1Z students will be outside from 10:15am-11:40am. Please make sure they have waterbottles, hats and sunscreen for this activity. There are some water activities being planned, so students might get wet if they choose to participate in those activities (they usually are the more popular stations). Students will probably dry off before the afternoon classes begin, but if you would like to send a dry outfit to change into, it might not be a bad idea.

June is Pride Month! We have participated in a rainbow coloring contest and read Rainbow, A First Book of Pride together. On Friday, June 17 all students and staff are invited to wear Rainbow colors to show support for Pride.

Also on Friday, June 17 West Kent will participate in Ride to Win – our school has registered for the City of Charlottetown Ride to Win contest again this year. The class with the most students (percentage) who bike or walk to school on June 17th will win a pizza party!

On June 21 (rain date June 23), 1z will join 1B and 1C in a year end field trip to Stanhope Beach. We will take a bus there and spend the day playing on the playground, playing in the sand, and picnicing on the beach. Permission forms will be going home with students early next week.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, June 13, Day 6 – Library & Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, June 14, Day 1 – Music

Wednesday June 15, Day 2 – Summer Fun Day & Phys. Ed.

Thursday, June 16, Day 3 – Music (possible Victoria Park day)

Friday, June 17, Day 4 – Phys. Ed., Ride to Win, & Rainbow Clothes

Have a wonderful weekend,

Lisa 🙂

June 3

Hi 1Z families!

Welcome to the last month of the school year! It’s hard to believe that we are at this point in the year already. We have begun year end assessments and are exploring unique ways of using our learning.

Wednesday was a very special day here at West Kent. We had our very first full school assembly in honor of Red Shirt Day, and to present a very well earned surprise award to Mrs. Hogan. Mrs. Hogan is an exceptionally talented EA that we are lucky enough to have working in 1Z. She was chosen as a PEI Home & School Extra Mile Award recipient. We are so proud of Mrs. Hogan and offer her our biggest congratulations! The other awesome part of this assembly was the AMAZING listening and assembly behaviour from 1Z. I was so proud of how well our class did during their very first assembly.

Kindergarten added three new sight words to our list this week: me, at, and do. We did some more work building 3D objects in math class. We have been reviewing edges, vertices, and faces.

On Thursday we were able to visit Victoria Park again. We enjoyed watching the changes at the pond, seeing more animal activity in the woods, and seeing how the trees bloom more each time we visit. We also had fun on the Victoria Park playground. On Friday, we spent time with our Book Buddies again, but this time we built together in the Maker Space. Students in both classes were able to work collaboratively building with a variety of materials.

Next week there will be a substitute in the class on Wednesday and Thursday, and Tuesday afternoon. If there are any changes to the after school pick-up, please send a note or call the office. We will also pick a Victoria Park day for next week once we see what the forecast is calling for.

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, June 6, Day 1 – Music

Tuesday, June 7, Day 2 – Phys. Ed.

Wednesday June 8, Day 3 – Music

Thursday, June 9, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Friday, June 10, Day 5 – Music

Enjoy the weekend,

Lisa 🙂

Park & Red Shirt

Hi 1Z families,

I forgot to include in the blog post on Friday that this Wednesday, June 1 is Red Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear red in support of acceptance of all students. We will also attend an assembly (our first one!) in the gym to acknowledge and learn more about Red Shirt Day.

This week our class will visit Victoria Park on Thursday, June 2 in the afternoon. Please send water bottles, hats and sunscreen.


Lisa 🙂

May 27

Hi 1Z Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed the short three day week. I only got to teach the class on Thursday this week, so I am looking forward to more time with the class next week.

The notes I had from substitutes on Tuesday and Wednesday spoke highly of the student’s manners, cooperation and helpfulness. I was so proud to read those notes… but not at all surprised!

1Z is wishing Hanad and Tori Happy Birthdays this weekend!

Next Week in 1Z:

Monday, May 30, Day 2 – Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, May 31, Day 3 – Music

Wednesday, June 1, Day 4 – Phys. Ed.

Thursday, June 2, Day 5 – Music

Friday, June 3, Day 6 – Library & Phys. Ed.

Lisa 🙂